Saturday, November 15, 2014

Frantic Flailing in the Frigid Wastelands....

So the snow-pocalypse  is starting... The flurries have begun and I'm taking a little time to reflect on the past few weeks...

I've been preparing for an upcoming craft show... My first craft show where I won't be a small addition to The Costume Wrangler's Closet...  Ellie, Barb and Erik have been encouraging me to branch out on my own for a while now (actually for years) but I've been hesitant.  It is a scary prospect to share one's craft with the world... On the one hand people may love your work and shower you with compliments (and hopefully money)... On the other hand there is the possibility that no one will even look at your work or worse still they will look and hate it... Ellie keeps reminding me that you never know what's in the mind of a customer.  You have to learn to take the good with the bad...  So far I've mostly gotten positive responses but for some reason even with the positive feedback I'm still apprehensive and nervous.

I have no problem talking up Ellie's work, I gush about her store and her wondrous creations all the time but I have a very difficult time doing the same for my own pieces.  I fear any negative reactions and rejections... I'm not quite sure how to push past the anxiety, though I suppose that I'm working through it somehow as I have agreed to do this upcoming show and I plan to do another in December... I guess it's just a matter of pushing through and trying very hard not to be crushed if things don't turn out exactly as I've planned...

Friday, June 08, 2012

Boogles the mind... I mean boggles

So as this week comes to end I think I may finally be over my stupid illness, though I think I may have passed it on to Erik.  His birthday is tomorrow and well I'm a bad bad wife.  I have no gift to give him.  He assures me this is fine and isn't bothered by it, but I still feel bad about it.  I suppose I'll have a little time tomorrow while he's at work to come up with something.  I suppose I should be nicer to myself, I have been sick now for the last several weeks, and today was the first day that I haven't had really horrible coughing fits.  At least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore.  One step at a time I suppose.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Round and Round the round-a-bout

As I have SOOO many times before, I start anew this foray into the Blog-o-sphere...

Though time moves at a constant rate our perception of it changes proportionate to our emotional state.  My days seem to drag on, but I blink and weeks have flown by without me really realizing.  I feel that I have so much to do, and yet I feel as though I'm without direction or purpose.

My greatest desire is to complete my many art projects... All started, sadly none are near completion.  My creative spark is suffering and I'm not at all sure why that is.  I have been trying very hard to avoid the frivolities of television only to find a new distraction in books.  I'm at a loss... oh well, back to the laundry.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Bright Light at the End of the dim around the edges... no it's just my eyes

An end to my endless suffering is so near I can taste it and yet my body refuses to believe it. My rash demands attention as it proceeds to reclaim my torso. Alas I find myself pre-occupied with so many other thoughts. My joy at returning to the mid-West to the open loving arms of family though very comforting is tempered by many other thoughts. I know that all my concerns are just a matter of adjustments and that we will all work through them and that ultimately I really have nothing to worry about. Intellectually knowing that and digesting it are two really different things for me. I know that this whole thing is just a process. I'm finally over my feelings of guilty, and I'm super excited. I am worried about the grandma,will she be upset when: Erik and I try to set up a weekly menu system?-- Erik and I start doing the grocery shopping?-- I start taking over some of the cooking duties?-- I won't let her wash my clothes?-- I clean out the fridge and throw out all the icky things that are well past their dates?-- Will it upset her if I try to motivate her to find a hobby that gets her out of the house?
I know that there is no real reason to worry. If the grandma does get upset we'll deal with it at that point. Maybe one day a week Barb and I can get out of the house together, be girly, have fun... escape as it were. We can tell the grandma we're exercising... Then maybe she'll get off Barb's back too... :P

Monday, August 29, 2005

Once more into the Beach... erh... Breach even

Today starts the first day of classes for the Fall semester. I'm excited, scared, tired....

Yesterday Erik and I spent a better part of the day putting together our chifferobe. We've only been meaning to put it together since I got back home from my visit to Chicago. It's looks nice, and is a pretty sturdy piece of furniture for press board, unlike our entertainment center. tee hee! I've already stared putting my junk in it and on it :) Erik says it looks cute, which probably means yet another girly touch to the house ;P The apartment is coming together slowly but surely. If only maintenance would come back and do ALL of the things that need to be done. We have a wall that needs repairing, a storage cabinet that needs painting, a bathroom fan that needs cleaning, and the list goes on.... Well hopefully it will get done sooner rather then later...

No more now, I have to finish getting ready to go to my first class,

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Blinding Pillar of Light ~ my experience with the Force

We'll it's done! I have defeated the mighty Sith Lord. It was a long and difficult journey, but in the end the light guided me to victory, though I did try to redeem Malak before I killed him...

OK enough of the weird Star Wars speak... as you may have guessed from the above I finally completed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) for the X-Box. Erik and I don't have cable and consequently I've had to find other ways of amusing myself. One day on a whim I decided I wanted to try my hand at KOTOR. Erik and several of my friends said that it was highly entertaining, so I said what the heck. Oh the laundry that has sat around waiting for me to finish playing... :P

I'm glad I finished, last night it looked as though I wasn't going to make it, but this afternoon I reevaluated my strategy and prevailed :)

Now it'll be back to making jewelry and laundry to eat up the rest of my time this week. The kitty will be happy that I'll have more time to pay attention to her. Speaking of which, her majesty calls :)

^~.~^ more later

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Sad Tale of Boxes ~ how a girl is coping with the aftermath of a move

Well I've been home a couple weeks now, and I've been working feverishly unpacking and arranging the new apartment. I've run out of steam... :P~ I unpacked more then 20 boxes in about three days, and started to organize and rearrange the house.

Erik and I picked up a "couch" over the weekend. -------->
There's a picture of it. The sides are adjustable, it folds down to be a twin sized bed. It'll do in a pinch if we have someone over that wants to spend the night. I like it!

Other then that I've started making jewelry. {Thanks to the Mammahead :) } I'm experimenting with different techniques. I'm having a lot of fun. It's an expensive hobby though, It doesn't look that way at first $2 here, $4 there; You get quite the rude awakening when you get up to the register and you've spent almost $50, and all you have to show for it is a single not even full bag of beads. I'm still having a lot of fun though. I'm going to work on looking at purchasing some/most of the stuff I need online in bulk. Hopefully I can save some money that way. :) Erik's mom {The Mammahead} says she created a monster, Erik's pretty sure she's right :)

The Cinna-butt and I have re-bonded, not that it took very long at all. She yelled at me a little when I first got home, but pretty much immediately afterwards she was demanding loving from me. We have our morning mamma-kitty time, and she's back to snuggling with me when we go to bed. She's just a cute bundle of love. :)

Erik and I have been swimming in our apartment's swimming pool almost every night. We're having a lot of fun and getting the exercise that we both need. I've even found us an alternative place to swim for after the apartment's pool closes for the season. George Mason has an aquatic and fitness center... We'll be able to meet there when Erik picks me up from school, and we can swim before we go home. :)

That's all for now :)