Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel...is dim around the edges... no it's just my eyes

An end to my endless suffering is so near I can taste it and yet my body refuses to believe it. My rash demands attention as it proceeds to reclaim my torso. Alas I find myself pre-occupied with so many other thoughts. My joy at returning to the mid-West to the open loving arms of family though very comforting is tempered by many other thoughts. I know that all my concerns are just a matter of adjustments and that we will all work through them and that ultimately I really have nothing to worry about. Intellectually knowing that and digesting it are two really different things for me. I know that this whole thing is just a process. I'm finally over my feelings of guilty, and I'm super excited. I am worried about the grandma,will she be upset when: Erik and I try to set up a weekly menu system?-- Erik and I start doing the grocery shopping?-- I start taking over some of the cooking duties?-- I won't let her wash my clothes?-- I clean out the fridge and throw out all the icky things that are well past their dates?-- Will it upset her if I try to motivate her to find a hobby that gets her out of the house?
I know that there is no real reason to worry. If the grandma does get upset we'll deal with it at that point. Maybe one day a week Barb and I can get out of the house together, be girly, have fun... escape as it were. We can tell the grandma we're exercising... Then maybe she'll get off Barb's back too... :P

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The Mammahead said...

Stop stewing. Read my blog. I love you!!!