Friday, June 08, 2012

Boogles the mind... I mean boggles

So as this week comes to end I think I may finally be over my stupid illness, though I think I may have passed it on to Erik.  His birthday is tomorrow and well I'm a bad bad wife.  I have no gift to give him.  He assures me this is fine and isn't bothered by it, but I still feel bad about it.  I suppose I'll have a little time tomorrow while he's at work to come up with something.  I suppose I should be nicer to myself, I have been sick now for the last several weeks, and today was the first day that I haven't had really horrible coughing fits.  At least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore.  One step at a time I suppose.

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martiank9 said...

Give yourself a break my love. Gifts are not the important thing on birthdays. I have you and that's all I need or want :).

Also, not having horrible coughing fits is good (as is not feeling like you're dying).